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Want to discover how the Greeks really eat?

Stop by today! With our wide variety of Greek dishes and food, you can eat like the Greeks without going to Greece!


Find authentic Greek cuisine in our dining room.

If you want to taste the food the old country but don’t want to deal with long air travel, stop by our restaurant to sample our authentic Greek cuisine.

With everything from pita to gyros, to spanakopita, you are sure to find the Greek food you are craving all without having to find your passport.

Save with our Greek lunch options.

If you are stopping by looking for a lunch, you’re in luck.

By eating off of our Lunch specials menu, you will be able to sample all of the tastes and smells of Greece while saving with our special lunchtime prices.

Pork souvlaki | Temecula, CA | My Big Fat Greek Restaurant | 951-296-2157

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